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Northland Frozen Tundra Blues

David James Carlson sings about the zany frozen lifestyle of the northern US, particularly his snowy home in Minnesota and the absurd reality of living in the chill of the tundra.  Footage is after a blizzard; soundtrack is a cut from his Single Lane Highway CD.

Set Me Free

 Set Me Free is the title cut from David's first LP album.  In this creative music video he is pleading to be set free from the memory of a past love, more than the bars of a jail.   When the backup band, in silhouette's, comes to life, it reveals Carlson as the multi-instrumentalist playing as each band member.  The backup band shots were created four months later, which is evident by a whole different look, as David has a beard at that time.

TV News:           David James Carlson

                                          and The Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Band

This is a wonderful news story featuring David James Carlson with his Gordon Lightfoot Tribute band.
The story covers a lot of background information as well as film footage in David's studio. Additional footage at the Hat Trick Lounge in Saint Paul Minnesota where the band performed Lightfoot songs for a live audience.
Produced by CTN Coon Rapids Television Network, with host Jennifer Anderson.

Music Videos

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